What is the maximum operating temperature of sealing wire?

The maximum operating temperature of sealing wire is 1300 C.

Is it possible to order wires that are not in the offer?

Certainly, if a product is not in our offer, please send an email request to: kate@better-sealing.com or by calling: +48 22 486 32 09. Our consultants are at your disposal.

How to match the wire to the sealing machine?

If this is an existing sealing machine, it is enough to choose the sealing wire according to the manufacturer of the device, but if it is designed sealing device, the parameters of the transformer / power supply should be taken into account as well as structural elements of sealing machine, the width and length of the sealing bar.

What does the choice of sealing bar depend on?

Generally if we choose the sealing bar to match the existing device it is enough to keep the parameters of the sealing wire according to the manufacturer .
Chosing the sealing bar we follow mainly the resistance of precise part of sealing bar. Sometimes, however, depending on the intended use - for example cutting profiles of expanded polystyrene thicker sealing wire are selected - in order to keep the shape. While the power supply device we choose by the parameters of the resistance of a section of sealing wire.

Does the kind of foil matter while choosing the sealing wire?

Generally, the sealing wire is selected for the parameters of sealing device, eg. voltage and current which is obtained on the transformer / power supply.
For thicker or multilayer foils the sealing time can be extended and in the case of thinner foils shorter sealing time is set.

Can the sealing bar be used to cut out shapes in styrofoam?

Yes, the sealing wire can be used to cut a variety of forms and shapes. However, you should choose the thicker sealing wire which will provide us with the maintenance of a fixed shape, at the same time you have to pay attention to the parameters of the power supply unit, voltage, current.

What is the difference between sealing wire and PTFE coated wire?

Sealing PTFE coated wire is a sealing wire with non-stickable PTFE coat, which protects the wire from sticking for example foil.

Can wires and bars be bent?

Both sealing wires and sealing bars can be bent, they are very flexible / plastic.

Does the sealing bar after being bent and given some shape hold it while working with a high temperature?

For cutting out shapes, eg.in styrofoam, a thicker bar has to be used – it assures greater stiffness and better maintains a fixed shape. The bar is relatively "plastic" and keeps a fixed shape.

Which of sealing wires – PTFE coated or standard will you recommend to standard sealing machine?

In manual sealing machines standard sealing wires are mostly used, PTFE coated sealing wires are most often used in packaging machines.