How often should oil be changed?

Oil should be changed according the pump manufacturer. In some cases more often, when the quality of oil is poor – it is as white emulsion or there is visible pollution.

If I have a pump other than Bush can I still use oil of that company?

VM68 and VM100 oils are mineral oils for vacuum pumps.

In what pumps do we use VM68 oil?

VM68 mineral oil is used in pumps with work output up to 40m3.

In what pumps do we use VM100 oil?

VM100 mineral oil is recommended for vacuum pumps with capacity greater than 40m3, it can be used with smaller pumps as well.

Can VM100 oil be used insead of VM68 oil?

VM100 can be used instead VM68 oil, but not always VM68 instead VM100.

Can VM68 oil be used insead of VM100 oil?

VM68 oil should not be used with pumps over 40m3.