PTFE coated fiberglass fabric or PTFE sheet, material made from fiberglass coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is mainly used in packaging and sealing devices in order to protect the foil from sticking to the strips and the sealing jaws.

Additionally PTFE coated fiberglass fabricis used as the slip material while moving the products in the level of the work tables, production lines, etc. In vertical packaging machines PTFE coated fiberglass fabricare used for sticking in tubes through which the products fall. PTFE coated fiberglass fabricare also employed with the machines of internal transport, trays and receivers of products, conveyor belts as a slip material.

Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE (teflon) colloquially speaking, through its parameter , including resistance to high temperatures is used in sealing machines as insulation on the sealing jaws.

Fiberglass fabric  low in PTFE is called PTFE coated fiberglass porous fabric. They are used in order to obtain the so-called texture in weld, or impress weave fiberglass foil. The content of PTFE of about 30% in PTFE coated fiberglass porous is enough to use them as protection against sticking providing with a nice seam texture grille.

Among the most important advantages of PTFE coated fiberglass can be distinguished:

  • protection against clinging – PTFE has a lower coefficient of friction
  • easy to keep the material clean
  • dielectric properties
  • thermal resistance up to +250°C
  • flexibility allowing to use it on uneven surfaces
  • lack of expansibility orcontractility in the changing temperatures
  • chemical resistance
  • adverse weather conditions resistance
  • mechanical damages resistance
  • humidity resistance

PTFE coated fiberglass fabricare sold in different thickness from 0.08 mm to 0.5 mm and widths of 10 to 1000 mm. In this way, you can apply them exactly to fit to your sealing devices without the need of trimming. The fabrics are available without glue or adhesive. We also offer antistatic oilcloth with the addition of graphite - so to eliminate static. On request they are also available fiberglass fabricused in baking instead of the traditional parchment

In our offer you can find PTFE fiberglass fabrics for use in automatic sealing machines, manual and vacuum packing machines and other packaging machines. PTFE fiberglass fabrics are an excellent material allowing for insulation of sealing bars of plastic bags during the welding process. In this way they prevent the foil from sticking to the sealing strip and improve seal quality and strength of the package.

PTFE sheeting and PTFE fiberglass fabric are made of fiber glass which is coated with PTFE - polytetrafluoroethylene. PTFE is known in particular for its very good resistance to high temperatures.

Parameters of PTFE fabric:

  • dimensionally stable
  • size stable, non-streching, the factor of elongation is less than 5%
  • high temperature resistant up to +250 °C
  • resistant to acids, alkalis, salt and other
  • fire resistant
  • easy to clear
  • high density

The use of PTFE fiberglass fabric:

  • as a unit for insulating the heating elements, for example sealing strips in the sealing machine
  • as a consumable for sealing machines, packaging machines and conveyors
  • as a lubricant to prevent sticking to the sticky surface
  • in activities that require anti-sticking, or use non-adhesive surface

Properties of fiberglass fabric:

  • working temperature range -18stC +250stC
  • adhesion strenght (N/mm) - 22-62/100
  • elongation resistance (N/mm) – 900-3650/100
  • electrical insulator – dielectric
  • range of voltage insulating 20-50 kV/mmm
  • ozon, oxygen and UV resistance
  • long using life up to /durability 10 years