Shaped sealing bars compared with standard sealing bars provides with weld of better quality.

Properties of shaped sealing bars:

  • Bar of bent shape enables to remove air ad gas bubbles which influences thedurability and esthetics of the weld
  • Shaped sealing bar is distinguished by a longer lifetime than standard bars
  • Seal made with shaped sealing bar is stronger
  • Shaped sealing bars are very well suited to packing inconvenientmaterials, including wet, loose and dusty products
  • Shaped sealing bars allowes to achieve optimal layout of tensions that is why the pressure is possible with the use of less strength, and at the same time it is durable
  • The position of kanthalan on sealing jaw is always correct and prevents it from moving. It was possible because of the convex of center of the bar in Omega shape and leaving the flat sides.

Our offer includes shaped sealing bars in the shape of the letters V, U, and Omega - they are available in two widths and different thicknesses.