Why doconsumablesoffered by our company guarantee better sealing?

Materials available in our store are mainly used in sealing devices with pulse technique. Pulse sealing is the basis for welding machines, packaging machines, machines for bag production, vacuum packing machines and other equipment of this type.

Pulse sealing technique

Pulse sealing is the flow of electric current through the resistive material and thus heating it. The foil arranged on the strip of sealing bar plasticized, is pressed against the top jaw, and after cooling, forms a strong weld. The heat is directly supplied to the seam of the heating element.

In contrast to contact sealing, pulse sealing is faster because it is based on a short pulse of electrical current that is transmitted at high power. Pulse sealing technique can be used to seal foil on one side of maximum thickness of 2 mm, and 5 millimeters when sealed on both sides. 

Among most important advantages of pulse sealing techniquethe effect of cooling the connector at the exact time of pressing should be emphasized as it causes that the risk of damaging the seal is significantly lower. As a result, products can added to the package immediately after sealing, including liquids and loose materials. 


Materials used with pulse sealing technique

In presented technique it is important to choose the right materials, and essential is to use sealing bars and PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics of good quality. Sealing bars are heated to the high temperature at the time of pulse sealing process to make the foil plasticized quickly and to join the layers. In order to avoid sticking the foil to bars, they are covered with PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics.PTFE due to its characteristics can work even at very high and rapidly changing temperatures,additionally it constantly retains its shape and, most importantly, effectively prevents sticking. 

When selecting materials, it is necessary to order these outstanding high quality. Only they will be able to cope with intensive work flawlessly.


How to improve the quality of pulse sealing technique?

The most important is the use of high quality consumables – they influence not only the quality of the weld but also the life-span of sealing device, its productivity and efficiency. 

PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics are an excellent solution. These are materials made from glass fiber covered with a layer of PTFE. Due to its properties, they are resistant to high temperatures, even up to +250 °C, they are long-lasting, they are not damaged in the process of rapid heating and cooling of the heating elements.

In the production of PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics and tapes different alloys are used, and the final product quality depends on them. It is crucial to choose materials recommended by the world's leading manufacturers. 

Pulse sealing technique may be also improved by using shaped sealing bars instead of standard sealing bars. Bars in the shape of letters V, U and Omega not only improve the weld endurance but also prevent it from absorbing dust and emerging gas bubbles. The profile of shaped sealing bar causes that any pollution is effectively eliminated by pushing it out while being pressed with sealing jaws. As a result, the weld is durable and strong which enables safe storing loose and wet products in such prepared packages.

Those of you who are interested in purchasing shaped sealing bars, we invite you to take advantage of our special offers!